October 11: Letter to the Community

October 11, 2021


Community Residents:

For more than 100 years, we have proudly called Detroit home. When we chose to invest $1.6 billion on the eastside of Detroit, we did so with the intention of reaffirming our commitment to the city and its residents by working together to uplift the community. 

We were notified recently that concerns have been raised by some residents about odors in the area as a result of our operations. We take these concerns very seriously. In addition to formally responding to the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), we want to communicate, directly with you, what steps we are taking to address them. 

First, upon notification, we conducted a thorough, internal review to evaluate potential sources of odor. After determining that the plant’s emission control equipment is working as designed, we began investigating other possible causes and took presumptive actions to address them. These include increasing monitoring activities, with team members walking the property line several times daily to track and record conditions; ensuring that building entries are secured to prevent odors from leaving the building; and enhancing paint process equipment to maintain optimum operational balance. 

Beyond this, we have hired a third-party engineering firm with odor investigation expertise to support our efforts. We will share the results of that investigation with you upon completion. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor and, more importantly, take action as necessary to keep the community enjoyable.

As we continue our investigation, please know your voice matters. We will be establishing a direct phone number where you can report odor concerns and have them addressed. We will share this number as soon as it has been activated. Additional information on the facility and our environmental efforts can be found at the following links:

We want to get this right. We are working hard toward a shared vision for a positive future for Detroit and throughout this journey, we will continue to do our best to earn your trust. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to build our next 100 years in Detroit. 

Thank you, 

Michael Brieda                                                                                                        Greg Rose
Plant Manager                                                                                                         Director
Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack                                                                      Environmental, Health & Safety


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October 11, 2021 Stellantis Letter to the Community
Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) is one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a clear vision to offer freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions. In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, depth of experience and the wide-ranging talents of employees working around the globe. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio, which was founded by visionaries who infused the brands with passion and a competitive spirit that speaks to employees and customers alike. Stellantis aspires to become the greatest, not the biggest, while creating added value for all stakeholders, as well as the communities in which it operates.

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