Neighborhood &
Housing Improvements

We listened carefully to the community and the CBA reflects their input and priorities. We value our ongoing partnership with community members to revitalize our shared neighborhood.

Home Repair Grants

The $1.8 million Stellantis-funded program helps homeowners keep their dreams of home ownership alive as they address home repair issues.

  • $15,000 non-cash grant directed by the homeowner for home repairs
  • Priority given to owner-occupied homes along Beniteau Street
  • Funding available over a two-year period or until exhausted


For more information about the home repair grants program contact the Detroit Housing & Revitalization Department (313) 224‑6380.


Neighborhood Fund

We invested $800,000 to support community projects in the Chandler Park, West End and Riverbend neighborhoods.

  • Residents of the neighborhoods and the City of Detroit will collaborate on how to invest the funds, which could include capital investments, small business development, additional home repair programs and more. Funds are held by Invest Detroit.

Construction Mitigation
and Neighborhood Beautification

Installed a stormwater park to control rain water runoff. The park is also available for neighbors to use as a walking path and place to rest. In Spring 2021, gardens, information signage and a large pavilion will be added.

Created vegetative buffers and bioswales to further minimize stormwater runoff. Bioswales are vegetated areas that naturally filter and slow stormwater runoff to help reduce the impact stormwater can have on a municipal system.


Partnering with Detroit’s Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship and City Walls Detroit to create murals on the sound wall along Beniteau Street, The murals will comprise one of the largest municipal art installations in Detroit’s history


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