The Story of Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack (Video Tour)

An employee at the Detroit Assembly Complex - Mack checks the paint finish for imperfections on a Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

We are proud to build the all-new, three-row Jeep® Grand Cherokee L in the heart of the Motor City. With an investment of $1.6 billion, we converted two existing facilities and added another in less than two years to create Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack, the first new automotive assembly plant to be built in Detroit in 30 years. Explore the plant with a virtual tour that highlights the making of the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

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Plant Overview – Hear the story of our 100-year history on the Mack site.

  • More than 100 years of manufacturing on Mack site
  • First new assembly plant in the city of Detroit in 30 years
  • Investment: $1.6 billion (announced February 2019)
  • New jobs: 3,850; commitment to putting Detroiters first in the application process
    • 2,100 Detroiters have filled the new positions
  • Construction: Began in Q2 2019; completed in less than two years
  • Total floor space: 3 million square feet
  • Acreage: 266
  • Operating pattern: Three shifts, five days per week
  • Employment: ~4,900
  • Total production time: ~36 hours
  • Three main production facilities: Body Shop, Paint Shop and General Assembly
  • Logistics: 770 inbound trucks per day; 76 trucks and 95 railcars outbound per day

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Body Shop (Body in White) – Our new 3 million-square-foot assembly plant in Detroit consists of three separate facilities: body shop (Body in White), paint shop and general assembly. Let’s take a look inside the body shop, where the vehicle begins to take shape.
  • Building: Formerly Mack Engine II; idled in 2012
  • Floor Space: 650,000 square feet
  • Robots: 578
  • Production time: 2 hours

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Paint shop – Take a look inside the facility where a new three-row, full-size Jeep SUV and next-generation Grand Cherokee, as well as their electrified models, will get their beautiful, long-lasting paint finishes.
  • Building: All-new facility
  • Floor Space: 800,000 square feet (five floors)
  • Robots: 124
  • Production time: 12 hours
  • Colors: 11
  • Process: Fully automated; 100 percent robotic spray application
    1. Phosphate E-coat: first layer of corrosion protection
    2. Sealer: 28 robots; ~208 feet of sealer applied per car to prevent leaks, corrosion and wind noise
    3. Primer: 8 robots; provides smooth base layer and enhances paint durability
    4. Base paint coat: 21 robots (10 painting and 11 “opening”)
    5. Clear coat: final protective coating
    6. Finesse and polish: identify and remove any imperfections to ensure smooth paint finish

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General Assembly – General Assembly is where we install vehicle components: seats, instrument panels, wheels, etc. This is the final step in the assembly process before a vehicle is shipped to the customer.
  • Building: Formerly Mack Engine I; built the Pentastar engine family until December 2019
  • Floor Space: 1,000,000 square feet
  • Stages: Trim, Chassis, Final
    o Trim: Installation of sunroof, wiring harness, major electrical, instrument panel, and windshield, rear and half glass
    o Chassis: Engine dress; engine and chassis marriage; body and chassis decking; hose and electrical connections; fluid fill and functionality testing
    o Final: Installation of seats, steering wheel, major components; doors hung; wheels and tires; electrical test
    – Final validation: Aligners, headlight aim, rolls, ADAS (Automated Driver Assist System); BSR test track; inline water test; certification line
Detroit Assembly Complex - Mack Facts & Figures
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