FCA Mack Construction Site by the Numbers

Mack assembly site investment: $1.6 billion
Total number of new jobs: 3,850
Products: three-row, full-size Jeep® SUV and next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee
Timing: End 2020

Site Details

Total pavement: 3,005,000 sq. ft. (~ 53 football fields)
Completed to date: 114,960 sq. ft.

Total underground piping: 30,100 LF
Completed to date: 7,691 LF

Total tons of dirt moved: 485,000 tons or 9,700 trucks

Total tons of stone brought to site: 375,000 tons or 7,500 trucks

BIW Building (Body Shop)

Building size: 646,600 sq. ft.

Percent of building uplifted: 95%

  • Demolition: 100%
  • Cleaning and painting: 100%
  • Floor polishing: 90%
  • Lighting replacement: 100%
  • Concrete slab replacement: 100%

Light fixtures installed: 1,525

Lineal foot of pipe being installed: 6,370 ft

10 new truck docks

General Assembly

Building size: 1,053,000 sq. ft.

95% of existing engine equipment has been relocated to Dundee

Percent of building uplifted: 10%

  • Demolition: 32%
  • Cleaning and painting: 18%
  • Floor polishing: 11%
  • Lighting replacement: 20%
  • Truss cuts: 14%
  • Truss reinforcements: 18%

Light fixtures installed: 3,150

Lineal Foot of Pipe Being Installed: 7,000 ft.

38 new truck docks

Paint Shop

Building size: 790,500 sq. ft.

  • 1st Floor – “0 level” – 411,000 sq. ft.
  • 2nd Floor – “32’ Level” – 275,500 sq. ft.
  • Penthouse – “75’ Level” – 94,500 sq. ft.
  • Sub Station, Paint Mix and Sludge Rooms – 9,500 sq. ft.

299 caissons; some 120’ deep

11,868 cubic yards of concrete (Foundations)

30,000 cubic yards of concrete (Walls/Floors)

6,500 tons of structural steel

1,800 tons of reinforcing steel in concrete

Construction Statistics

Total construction man-hours to date: 239,313
Current 1st shift manpower: 590
Current 2nd shift manpower: 85


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